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1. People Like You: Seein' Red (Split LP with FPO)
2. Parasite: Funerot (Nova 2 LP)
3. Falsos Idealismos: Resposta Simples (Gaia EP)
4. H5N1: Charogne Stone (Monsier et Madame Stone on une Fille EP)
5. Media Creations: Agathocles (The Peel Sessions 1997 Cassette)
6. 25th Hour: Landmine Marathon (Wounded Cassette)
7. Red Days: Landmine Marathon (Rusted Eyes Awake Cassette)
8. Shadows Fed to Tyrants: Landmine Marathon (Sovereign Descent Cassette)
9. Return of Deathghoul: Paucities (Split EP with Atomck)
10. Dark Prism Strategy: Atomck (Split EP with Paucities)
11. Above the Microscope: Hiding Inside Victims (Split EP with Suicide State)
12. No Reason: Suicide State (Split EP with Hiding Inside Victims)
13. Three Snake Leaves: Landmine Marathon (Gallows Cassette)
14. Punk Is Rappers: Juicy Karkass (Yes Sir, I'm Ill LP/CD)
15. Bungee Birth: Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children MacNuggits (Upcoming)
Winters In Osaka