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Below are the prices for everything that we carry. All prices are postage included. For wholesale prices (4 or more of one title), please email us.

All orders from Canada, Mexico, and World must order 3 items or more!!!

We are honored to work with and distro through Haunted Hotel, Give Praise, Ebullition, Epitomite, Horror Pain Death Gore, To Live A Lie, Crimes Against Humanity, Interpunk, Punk and Destroy (Japan), MCR Company (Japan), Bolted Down (Malaysia), Agipunk (Italy), Super-Fi (UK), Power It Up (Germany), TVG (Germany), Fast and Furious (Netherlands), Northwest Wind (China) and many distro boxes across the globe. If you are interested in helping to spread our awesome releases please get in touch. High fives and stage dives to all who keep the d.i.y. ethic alive and well!

Most of our prices are the same for each format. However, there are some variances from time to time.

Format USA World

7" EP $5.00 $10.00

12" LP $12.00 $20.00

CD $10.00 $15.00

Cassette $6.00 $10.00

Landmine Marathon Cassette Box Set $20.00 $31.00

Ordering with Money Order or Cash

We understand if you would like to order using a postal money order or well-hidden cash. Email us so we can send you a mailing address.

Keep in mind there are many instances of well-hidden cash being stolen and never arriving at its destination so send cash at your own risk.