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Band Release LP/CD/7"
46 Short specimen LP
Abandon All Hope s.t. CD
Abraham Cross peace can't combine CD
Agathocles/ Unholy Grave agathoco-grave split LP
All or Nothing H.C. sacrafice, discipline, bliss CD
Annihilation Time II LP
Antigama discomfort LP
Apox prevalence CD
Asrolloyd self titled (pre-Fleshies) 7"
Avulsion/ Agathocles split 7"
Blood Spit Nights complete discography CD
Brody's Militia/ Antiseen split 7"
Brody's Militia/ Widespread Bloodshed apocalyptic crust CD
Cold War/ Voetsek split 7"
Cripple Bastards your lies in check LP
Das Klown holy crap LP
Despise You west side horizons (limtd to 500) LP
Drugs of Faith self titled LP
Dysmorfic suffer and die CD
Dystopia human=garbage CD
Fall of the Bastards dusk of an ancient age CD
Framtid under the ashes + EP CD
Frightmare midnight murder mania LP
Funeral Shock self titled LP
Garuda cold wired sentiment CD
Godstomper/ xanaxfeast split 7"
Haemorrhage emetic cult LP
Hatemail Killers/ Tron split (Hatemail Killers is Straightedge Kegger) 7"
Highscore unsuspecting actors in a bad soap opera LP
Hirax assassins of war LP
Hombrinus Dudes politi-kill LP
Imperial Leather do you know where your children are? CD
Imperial Leather something out of nothing CD
Indigesti lubecl live 02/09/87 CD
Insanity from the grave CD
Insect Warfare/ Hatred Surge split (first pressing) 7"
League of Struggle/ Terminal Dysentery split 7"
Magrudergrind 62 trax of thrash CD
Magrudergrind rehashed LP
Malignancy inhuman grotesqueries LP
Massgrave/ Widespread Bloodshed split 7"
Mind of Asian/ Straight Edge Kegger split LP
Misery/ Extinction of Mankind split CD
Netjajev Society System s.t. CD
Noisear submit to the subliminal LP
Otophobia source of confusion 7"
Pisschrist victims of faith LP
Remains of the Day hanging on rebellion CD
Reproach s.t. CD
Retaliation the execution LP
Ruido self titled LP
RunnAmucks inferno LP
Scarred for Life born work die LP
Schnauzer/ PunchingMoses split 7"
See You In Hell umet se prodat LP
Septic Tumor/ Dairy Queens split (D.Q. has members of Voetsek, lmtd edition) 7"
Shikabane age and desire 7"
Skarp  bury your dead CD
Skulls and Flames dead area paranoia LP
Slightly Less Than Nothing self titled LP
SMD the devil makes me do it LP
Straight Edge Kegger fuck fresno LP
Terminal Aspect/ Tion (aka Sean) split 7"
The Antiques self titled 7"
the Flash Attacks pray for death LP
The Goons living in america CD
The Putrid Flowers and for the little children sing CD
The Strap Ons geeking dream CD
Thrash of The Titans II Riistetyt, 9 Shocks Terror, Voetsek, Vitamin X + 9 LP
V.A. A Product of Six Cents No Comply, Palatka, Spazz, Assholeparade, Suppression, L.O.I. + 3 more 7"
V.A. America in Decline 26 bands incuding Benumb, Humpy, Apeface, Fanatics, Utter Bastard + more CD
V.A. California Thrash Demolition Every west coast band that's mattered in this decade! CD
V.A. Four Corners comp Lifes Halt, Dead End, Highscore, Point of Few, Razlog Za LP
V.A. Lessons in Brutality Shitstorm, Insanity, Kuru, Mummifictaion + 8 more CD
V.A. Planting A Seed Chainsaw, Holier Than Thou?, Voetsek, Conga Fury + more CD
V.A. Power of the Mind 4, Pollen Art, Splitfinger 7"
Varukers how do you sleep (self released for US tour) CD
Voetsek the castrator album CD
Voetsek tinea cruris 7"
Voetsek/ Cold War split 7"
Voorhees thirteen LP
Wake Up on Fire self titled LP
Wardance Orange self titled 7"
Weekend Nachos punish and destroy LP
Werfuct thrash academy 4… thrashers on patrol CD
What if Gods Lie/ All Systems Fail casados de mentiras CD
Winters in Osaka molded to crawl CD
Youth Enrage heyoca CD
Zero Tolerance Task Force the anal medley and 3 anti party anthems 7"

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