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Selfish Satan Recordings Catalog

SSR 33: Radio Bikini- Alcoholocaust LPSSR #33: Radio Bikini- Alcoholocaust LP
D-beat from The Netherlands with 12 tracks of crusty hardcore goodness! RADIO BIKINI had been on hiatus since 2004 but these guys are tighter and even more punishing than they were back then. This album has amazingly cool artwork and comes with a booklet and large fold out poster.
Radio Bikini- Alcoholocaust LP
SSR #32: Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children MacNuggits- 2 Cassette Box SetSSR #32: Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children MacNuggits- 2 Cassette Box Set
Starting in 1995, Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children MacNuggits has been one of those acts you have to see live to appreciate. An unforgettable and deeply weird mix of humor, fearless social criticism, and infectious songwriting.
First 50 copies come with BJE cult arm band and BJE and a SSR buttons.
Limited press of 180.
Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children McNuggits- 2 Cassette Box Set
SSR #31: Winters in Osaka (with Eric Wood on vo-kills) / Amps for Christ- Split LPSSR #31: Winters in Osaka (with Eric Wood on vo-kills) / Amps for Christ- Split LP
The skull has been served with this well pairing of noise bands. WINTERS IN OSAKA, with Eric Wood, deliver freakishly heavy noise while Henry Barnes brings forth his folk/noise with AMPS FOR CHRIST. Limited edition of 200!
Winters in Osaka / Amps For Christ- Split LP
Protelatar / Greber Split EPSSR #30: Proletar / Greber- Split EP
Greber (Canada) is Marc Bourgon of FUCK THE FACTS on bass and Steve Vargas of THE GREAT SABATINI. Lo-fi, noisy, sludge metal. The flip side is Indonesia’s answer to AGATHOCLES, Proletar. This 3-piece outfit drank from the mince-core river and went back for seconds!
Proletar / Greber- Split EP
Juicy Karkass- Yes Sir, I'm Ill LP and CDSSR #29: Juicy Karkass- Yes Sir, I'm Ill LP and CD
For all you punks & metalheads who have also had a lifelong obsession with hip-hop, get ready for Juicy Karkass' 13-track debut LP "YES SIR, I'M ILL." This is hip-hop, by punks, for punks. The LP comes with a CD containing bonus tracks. This is an LP/CD package.
Juicy Karkass- Yes Sir, I'm Ill LP and CD
SSR #28: Suicide State / Hiding Inside Victims- Split EPSSR #28: Suicide State / Hiding Inside Victims- Split EP
Suicide State, from Holland, play fast and furious H/C Scandi-crust; European style with an American edge. L.A. punks, Hidng Inside Victims, play a progressive H/C style with a bit of a d-beat drumming ala HIS HERO IS GONE and FROM ASHES RISE.
Suicide State / Hiding Inside Victims- Split EP
SSR #27: Landmine Marathon- "Gallows" CassetteSSR #27: Landmine Marathon- "Gallows" Cassette
The latest and greatest from these desert dwellers brings us seven tracks in just under 30 minutes of visceral, raw, grinding death punishment. LM mixes up tempos and styles throughout this release while maintaining a cohesive, headbangable whole.
Landmine Marathon- Gallows Cassette
SSR #26: Charogne Stone- "La Main de L'ange" EPSSR #26: Charogne Stone- "La Main de L'ange" EP
The one man band from France is back with more power violence mixed grind-noise ala CROSSED OUT, CHARLES BRONSON, and SPAZZ. This solo project even tours alone and has managed to create quite the international following. Get ready!
Charogne Stone- La Main de L'ange EP
SSR #25: Landmine Marathon- 3 Cassette Box Set with Mini Poster and PatchSSR #25: Landmine Marathon- 3 Cassette Box Set with Mini Poster and Patch
3 Landmine Marathon albums; "Wounded", "Rusted Eyes Awake" and "Sovereign Descent" in a hand silk screened box. Includes a silk screened Landmine Marathon patch and screened Landmine Marathon mini poster.
Landmine Marathon- 3 Cassette Box Set
SSR #24: Landmine Marathon- "Sovereign Descent" Cassette SSR #24: Landmine Marathon- "Sovereign Descent" Cassette For those already familiar with Landmine Marathon, the band's third full length release, "Sovereign Descent", is exactly what you'd expect. Classic death metal/grindcore influences from BOLT THROWER, CARCASS, and NAPALM DEATH.
Landmine Marathon- Sovereign Descent Cassette
SSR #23: Landmine Marathon- "Rusted Eyes Awake" CassetteSSR #23: Landmine Marathon- "Rusted Eyes Awake" Cassette
In 2008, Landmine Marathon’s "Rusted Eyes Awake" took the metal world by storm with an extremely heavy dose of death thrash done in a modern way while maintaining old school death metal sensibilities such as straying from overly triggered kicks.
Landmine Marathon- Rusted Eyes Awake Cassette
SSR #22: Landmine Marathon- "Wounded" CassetteSSR #22: Landmine Marathon- "Wounded" Cassette
Landmine Marathon's first full length, "Wounded", combines ultra heavy riff loaded guitars and punishing rhythms that alternate between maniacal blur and choke the life out of you slowness, all crowned by Grace’s gender blurring vocal onslaught.
Landmine Marathon- Wounded Cassette
Czech Republic compilation including the following: LIVER GARNISH, UNFARKT, KATARAKTA, RESORT, HIROSHIMA NIGHTMARE, S.U.S.U., ROTTEN BRATS, BEHIND THE CEMETERY WALL, K.Z.O., BYT, and FLASKA VISOCINI. A fine sample of what this area offers.
SSR#20: Paucities/Atomck- Split EPSSR#20: Paucities/Atomck- Split EP
Paucities, from Chicago, are waving the flag of the new wave of American Mince-Core! Atomck, from Newport in the UK, bring forth some insanely spazzed out death grind on their tracks. Astounding artwork makes this grinding gem a keeper. Had this in the works for a while and the wait is over!
Paucities / Atomck- Split EP
SSR #19: Agathocles- "The Peel Sessions" CassetteSSR #19: Agathocles- "The Peel Sessions" Cassette
The name that's been around for many moons... Agathocles, the originators of "mince-core" from Belgium bring forth their legendary recording sessions that aired on the John Peel show (BBC Radio) on March 30th, 1997. This is a professional quality cassette.
Agathocles- The Peel Sessions Cassette
SSR #18: Think About- "This Voice" EPSSR #18: Think About- "This Voice" EP
SSR is proud to have released an ep from these hardcore heroes from Italy. Think About started in 2004 from the ashes of REMOVE, who had played for about five years. Their sound is reminiscent of a mix of classic, old school, hardcore punk with a little New York style thrown in for good measure.
Think About- This Voice EP
SSR#17: Resposta Simples- "Gaia" EPSSR#17: Resposta Simples- "Gaia" EP
In our quest to find the best in punk throughout the planet, we are proud to have released Portugal's Resposta Simples. While they may come off as a somewhat easy-going bunch in this shot, their music is nothing of the sort. The first hardcore release from their region and it's on SSR!
Resposta Simples- Gaia EP
SSR #16: Charogne Stone- "Monsier et Madame Stone on une Fille" EPSSR #16: Charogne Stone- "Monsier et Madame Stone on une Fille" EP
Straightedge power violence duo keeping the fast and violent in check all the way from the land of romance (France). SLAP-A-HAM bred insanity unleashed upon our unworthy skulls in a very worthy fashion!
Charogne Stone- Monsier et Madame Stone on une Fille EP
SSR #15: Antisexy- "El Lurido" CDSSR #15: Antisexy- "El Lurido" CD
Twenty four ripping tracks of pure fast-core goodness! Italy's hardest working H/C outfit play with passion and genuine sincerity that most bands of this genre lack. For fans of WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, TEAR IT UP, RAW POWER, and INDIGESTI. If you like it fast and hardcore, this is it!
Antisexy- El Lurido CD
SSR #14: Charogne Stone- "Live 2008" EPSSR #14: Charogne Stone- "Live 2008" EP (SOLD OUT!!!)
France's own straightedge power violence duo are it again with 15 live rippers on this little hunk of vinyl. This recording is direct from the board when CxS were the support for NAPALM DEATH and really captures the driving force that is behind Charogne Stone. This release brings to mind the old SLAP-A-HAM roster of bands that were active in the 90s. Sorry, this description is just here to make you drool.
SSR #13: Faggot- "Self-Titled" LP or CDSSR #13: Faggot- "Self-Titled" LP or CD
Queer shock cabaret stars from Minneapolis release a rabid, grizzly bear of an album, spewing filth and lo-fi wretchedness in the most disturbing of manners. Including ex-members of DETESTATION and RESIN, they mix grungy 60's garage rock, 3-chord RAMONES style punk.
CD comes with a live DVD video!
Faggot- Self-Titled LP or CD
SSR #12: Fatal Nunchaku / Charogne Stone- Split EPSSR #12: Fatal Nunchaku / Charogne Stone- Split EP (SOLD OUT!!!)
Two grinding French hardcore bands. You can call it grindcore, hardcore, fastcore... whatever-
Fatal Nunchakudon't mess around and lash into an unrelenting pace from the get go. Fast, faster, fastest. Charogne Stone try a couple of things before they get going but when they go at it all hell breaks loose - fast, sharp, and deadly.
Review from Blindead Mailorder
SSR #11: Funerot- "Nova 2" LPSSR #11: Funerot- "Nova 2" LP Full on old school thrash attack from these guys. Picking up where their Razorback debut, "Invasion From The Death Dimension", left off, "Nova 2" sounds like it should have been released the year most of these guys were born! Five originals and a WHIPLASH cover. This release doesn't disspaoint and is a personal favorite of our dear web designer here at SSR!
Funerot- Nova 2 LP
SSR #10: FPO / Seein' Red- Split LPSSR #10: FPO / Seein' Red- Split LP
FxPxOx play fast, hardcore thrash with unmatched amounts of energy, positivity and speed. Seein' Red bring a straight-forward brand of pissed off political hardcore.
FPO / Seein' Red- Split LP



SSR #9: Population Reduction / Dysmorfic- Split Tour EP (SOLD OUT!!!)


SSR #8: Mass Genocide Process / See You In Hell- Split EP (SOLD OUT!!!)


SSR #7.5: Voetsek, Capitalist Casualties, Agents of Satan, and Caustic Christ- Live at Gilman CDR (SOLD OUT!!!)


SSR #7: Voetsek- 11 Song CDR (SOLD OUT!!!)


SSR #6: Dairy Queens / Embalmed Alive- Split EP
DQ's have a member of VOETSEK and Embalmed Alive have a member of WOLVES IN THE THROWN ROOM and INDIAN.
Dairy Queens / Embalmed Alive- Split EP


SSR #5: The Gutmonkeys- "Self Titled" EP (SOLD OUT!!!)


SSR #4: 7 Year Bitch- Live Cassette (SOLD OUT!!!)


SSR #3: T.T. 69- "El Perro" EP (SOLD OUT!!!)


SSR #2: T.T. 69- "Tongue Tied and Fried" Cassette (SOLD OUT!!!)


SSR #1: Food Not Bombs Compilation Cassette (from 1993 with Capitalist Casualties, Oppressed Logic, TT 69 and many other kick-ass bands) (SOLD OUT!!!)