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SSR 33: Radio Bikini- Alcoholocaust LPSSR #33: Radio Bikini- Alcoholocaust LP
This d-beat/crust punx unit from The Netherlands come on full force with twelve raging tracks of pure unadulterated violent crusty hardcore goodness! RADIO BIKINI has members of SUICIDE STATE and have taken a few years off…this album picks up where the split with MAKILADORAS back in 2004 left off. These guys are tighter and even more punishing than they were back then. This album has amazingly cool artwork done by our favorite Dutchman Marald and the LP comes with a thick booklet and large size fold out poster. All very nice and high quality… we aim to please here at SSR! This is pretty damn limited, so get it while supplies last.

$12 ppd in USA. $20 ppd world.


SSR #32: Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children MacNuggits- 2 Cassette Box SetSSR #32: Bobby Joe Ebola and The Children MacNuggits- 2 Cassette Box Set
Since Dan Abbott and Corbett Redford formed Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits in 1995, the band has been one of those acts you just have to see live to fully understand them. In the course of over 1000 shows, mostly as an acoustic duo, they’ve played basements, theaters, backyards, festivals, bars, protests, and preschools, bringing to each an unforgettable and deeply weird mix of humor, fearless social criticism, and infectious songwriting. Punk-influenced but more nuanced and focused, its acoustic incarnation too jagged and aggressive for folk, Bobby Joe Ebola exists between musical worlds, and its intense, unpredictable performances have always easily matched the energy, and sometimes volume, of the plugged-in bands they play with.
The band called it quits in 2000, a hiatus that lasted until 2009, when Dan and Corbett began writing and performing again with renewed vigor. In the intervening years, they discovered dozens of audio recordings from old performances, gathering dust in their friends’ archives. The idea of releasing a live album was bandied about, but it was not until the band reformed that the project got off the ground.
Now, with help from Selfish Satan Records, we are proud to release Bad Boys Gotta Rock It!, a two-hour double cassette collection of live performances spanning 17 years. This box set features unforgettable onstage moments from the early years (1995–2000), as well as recordings of more recent shows (2009–2012), with the newly-formed full band incarnation. Shocking, hilarious, emotional, and fun, Bad Boys Gotta Rock It! captures the inimitable feeling of being at a Bobby Joe Ebola show and offers something unique for music historians, archivists, and fans of the band - both new and old.

First 50 copies come with BJE cult arm band and BJE and a SSR buttons.
Limited press of 180.
$10 ppd in USA. $17 world.


SSR #31: Winters in Osaka (with Eric Wood on vo-kills) / Amps for Christ- Split LPSSR #31: Winters in Osaka (with Eric Wood on vo-kills) / Amps for Christ- Split LP
The skull has been served with this well thought out pairing of droning noise bands. WINTERS IN OSAKA with Eric Wood deliver freakishly heavy creep dripping noise while Henry Barnes brings forth his folk/noise from his long running AMPS FOR CHRIST project. An extremely limited edition of 200 will see the light of day on vinyl, so get on it noise worshippers.

$17 ppd in USA. $25 world.